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Dutch company, French drivers, between France and the Netherlands

  • More than 80 trucks
  • French truck drivers
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Transport to and from France

Our core business is international transport to and from France. Do you have goods that need to be transported to France? Or do you want to transport your goods from France to the Netherlands? Then you have come to the right company. Because of our years of experience as a specialist in this sector, we have an edge over our competitors and can arrange your transport like no other.

Our trucks travel daily between France and the Netherlands. On the way we pass Belgium of course. So we can also arrange transport from Belgium to France or from France to Belgium for you. Are you looking for an expert in transport to France? Feel free to contact us.

Trucks Van Wijngen

Our own trucks

We use our own trucks to transport goods between The Netherlands and France. This allows us to be more flexible and have more control over your goods. We can locate each vehicle at any time, and give orders to the truckers using our own GPS system.

We continuously invest in new material to keep our trucks up-to-date with the latest technology and equipment. We also use the cleanest diesel engines, meaning that our transportation solution are sustainable.   

Variety of trucks

We cater to the needs of every customer by having a broad variety of vehicles at our disposal.

When customers request us to load their goods from the side or the top of the truck, we use our state of the art tautliners. When transporting high-valued goods, we use boxed-trailers to secure the transportation.

French drivers

Many transport companies nowadays use Eastern European drivers. We prefer quality and only employ truck drivers from France. These drivers know the road, the culture and the language. This ensures better communication with your client and faster deliveries. This leaves a professional impression with your customer in France.

And our drivers are experts in transport to and from France.

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