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Transport to Switzerland

Do you do business with Switzerland? And are you searching for a partner to operate your logistics between the Netherlands or Belgium and Swiss? Then Van Wijngen is the right operator for you! We offer daily transports between the Netherlands and Switzerland, where we can also provide intermediate stops in Belgium or France.

Van Wijngen International is a long-established family business with an experienced team of skilled colleagues. And transportation has been all we do since many years. We work with drivers and transport planners who speak the Swiss languages (Swiss German, French, and Italian). Switzerland is not part of the EU, therefore specific rules apply at customs. Our knowledge and experience in this area ensure that all processes run efficiently.


Use of complete trailer 

Full loads to Switzerland

We are a reliable partner to load full trucks between the Netherlands and Switzerland. You can use the entire contents of our trailer. We would be happy to tell you more about our fleet:

  • Box trailers for theft-sensitive goods
  • Tautliners for loading via the roof or the side
  • Megatrailers to load goods up to 3 meters high

With a fleet of 80 units, we can meet many transport requirements.

Groupage between Switzerland and the Netherlands

Save costs with partial loads

Do you not need the entire contents of a trailer for your transport to or from Switzerland? Then you can save on transport costs by booking a partial load. In that case, we group several shipments from or to Switzerland in one trailer. We arrange everything as efficiently as possible so that you save costs on your transport!

Transporting machines to and from Switzerland

The right knowledge and fleet to transport your machines

To transport your machines from the Netherlands or Belgium to Switzerland, we have the right equipment, with experienced drivers who speak the language.

Megatrailers and ordinary tautliners are part of our fleet. Through the side or through the roof of these trailers we can easily load machines. The megatrailers have an interior height of 300 centimeters, allowing us to transport almost all machines to Switzerland. All this is done without having to tranship them on the way. We also have the right documents for Switzerland. Our qualified drivers effortlessly deliver your machines to the final recipient.

Are you curious about the possibilities of transport for your company?

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