Transport to France

Our core activity is the transportation of goods between the Netherlands and France. Having many years of experience has made us experts in this area.

Our own trucks

We use our own trucks to transport goods between The Netherlands and France. This allows us to be more flexible and have more control over your goods. We can locate each vehicle at any time, and give orders to the truckers using our own GPS system.

We continuously invest in new material to keep our trucks up-to-date with the latest technology and equipment. We also use the cleanest diesel engines, meaning that our transportation solution are sustainable.

We cater to the needs of every customer by having a broad variety of vehicles at our disposal.

When customers request us to load their goods from the side or the top of the truck, we use our state of the art tautliners. When transporting high-valued goods, we use boxed-trailers to secure the transportation.

During transportation, our drivers make use of designated secured parking spaces to ensure that the goods remain safe.

French drivers

Our unique-selling-point is that we employ French drivers who have deep knowledge of the country’s roads.

Planning centrally

Unlike many other logistics companies, we do not transfer the goods of our clients using different depots. From Breda all the goods are loaded in the correct order, towards the final drop-offs in France. This way, our logistics staff has absolute control over your shipments and reduces the risk of damage and loss.

Transportation of groupage

By having French drivers in this area, groupage transportation runs more smoothly. The French drivers are able to speak the local language, therefore making it easier to find the right addresses in a quick matter.

Warehousing in France

By having many years of experience in the transportation of goods around France, we’ve made finding the right warehouse quick and cost-effective.