International transport

Our corebusiness is transport to France. But trough the years we have grown into a business of international transport troughout Europe

LTL – Less Than Truckload

These are orders that do not take up the entire volume of our trailer. In that case we group together the cargo from the several loaders into one trailer, and deliver your cargo to your desired destination.

FTL – Full Truckload

In this case, the client makes use of the full load capacity of the trailer. They can go from 33 euro pallets ( 80 x 120 cm ) or 26 block pallets ( 100 x 120 cm ) to the maximum load of 25000 kilograms.

Burglar proof transport

For the transportation of expensive products we are TAPA-certified, which means we work according to the security requirements needed such as closable trailers and secured parking lots.

JIT – Just in Time delivery

With JIT delivery, we guarantee the delivery of the products right on time so that no production processes are left out or products get out of stock.

Deliveries with tail lift

Not every company has the capabilities to receive the products with forklifts or loading bays. When needed we have the right equipments to deliver the products with loading-bridges or pallet jacks.

Ad Hoc delivery

Fast transportation and fast service. Because we have many years of experience with international express-transportation of goods all across Europe we are ready to work for you at all times. This counts for pallets and full load trailers. Because of our flexibility is express delivery a strong quality of our organization.